Portfolio on its own behalf

Situation on december 31, 2018
RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE FUND 100% Company that aims at selling the sites that used to belong to the railway infrastructure to real estate developers. www.fif-fsi.be
100% Congrespaleis/Palais des Congrès organises meetings, congresses, exhibitions, trade shows and events in its buildings in Brussels. www.square-brussels.eu
ZEPHYR-FIN 100% This company acquires and manages securities issued by airlines or companies linked to that industry.  
CERTI-FED 100% The company has as object the acquisition of equity of companies in which Société fédérale de Participations et d’Investissement has a holding, along with certification of shares.  
BMI-SBI 60,07% A specialist subsidiary which co-finances foreign investments by Belgian companies, mainly for SMEs which are growing or show potential for growth. www.bmi-sbi.be
(Mirror Fund)
50,00% Feeder fund set up with the China Investment Corporation in order to invest in the A Capital China Outbound fund that aims to attract Chinese investors to Europe and especially to Belgium. www.acapital.hk
IRE ELiT 49,91% Subsidiary of the “Institut des Radio-Eléments”. The company is specialized in the developement of the production of radioisotope for radiopharmaceutical applications and in analyzing, controlling and supporting dismantling nuclear sources. www.ire.be
SWIMOVE 49,00% A new company with a social purpose, founded on the initiative of the VUB. It has the task of managing the renovation and expansion of the VUB swimming pool as well as the operation of a swimming school. www.swimove.be
DATANG - FPIM/SFPI VENTURE CAPITAL FUND 45,00% Investment fund, which SFPI-FPIM has set up together with the Chinese Datang group in order to promote venture capital in China. www.datang-telecom.com
SMARTFIN VENTURES 41,89% SmartFin is a fund dedicated to acquiring minority interests in early-stage enterprises active in intelligent new technologies used in the financial sector (‘FinTech’) and also in related technologies such as security, Big Data, artificial intelligence and corporate software.


BOZAR 32,53% This company devises, develops and implements multidisciplinary and integrated cultural programming. www.bozar.be
STATER BELGIUM (Credibe) 28,00% After the merger/acquistion of Credibe by the SFPI, the participation that she had in Stater Belgium, now comes directly into the possession of the SFPI. The remaining shares are still held by Stater Nederland (the specialist in the ‘servicing’ of loans on behalf of third parties. www.stater.be
BECENTRAL 27,40% BeCentral is a new digital campus located at Brussels Central railway station. The campus was set up jointly by and with support from more than 40 businesses. Its purpose is to rectify the deficit in digital competences and to accelerate the digital transformation in Belgium, among other things so as to maximise the growth potential of the economy and create as many new jobs as possible.


BPOST 26,91% This company delivers domestic and international postal services and transports, sorts and distributes parcels, printed matter, periodicals and addressed/non-addressed documents. It also provides financial and banking services. www.bpost.be
BRUSSELS AIRPORT COMPANY 25,00% This company holds and manages shares and certificates representing the shares of The Brussels Airport Company. www.brusselsairport.be
ACCESSIA PHARMA 25,00% Company with a Shared GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the production of clinical and commercial parties. www.accessiapharma.com
THEODORUS IV 24,81% The Theodorus IV Fund has as its particularity compared to its predecessors the way in which the ULB and the researchers are paid, and in its desire to bring into the capital of investors outside Belgium to enhance the investment policy of Theodorus.  
THEODORUS III 24,69% A university investment fund.  
SCALE-UPS 24,56% Scale-ups.eu is an initiative aimed at accelerating the development of scale-ups in Europe by bringing them into contact with an extensive network of investors while at the same time promote and accelerate cooperation with high-tech and large companies in its network. www.scale-ups.eu
THAUMAS « EUROPORTS » 24,50% Thaumas is a holding company that was initially established and used as a legal entity to manage the takeover process of the port group Euroports. On the date of the closing of the transaction, it becomes the owner of the shares. www.euroports.com
(Ginkgo Fund I)
24,27% The purpose of the Luxembourg company is to acquire shares of the Ginkgo Fund. The Ginkgo Fund invests in brownfield redevelopment projects in France and Belgium. www.ginkgofund.com
PDC LINE PHARMA 23,73% This company is a spin-off of the French national blood service l'Etablissement français du sang (EFS). It is active in immuno-oncology, i.e. the production of therapeutic vaccines against cancer. PDC Line Pharma has two products: one in the field of melanomas and one in the field of lungs. www.pdc-line-pharma.com
NEWTON BIOCAPITAL I 21,94 % Les sociétés cibles du fonds sont les sociétés actives dans le domaine du traitement des maladies chroniques du type inflammatoires, neuro-dégénératives, cardio-vasculaires et cancéreuses. Le fonds s’adresse tant aux sociétés belges, qu’aux sociétés européennes. www.newtonbiocapital.com
FIDENTIA GREEN BUILDINGS 21,33% Company operating as a fund in order to develop, construct and sell low energy buildings. www.fidentia.be
LOTERIE NATIONALE 21,28% This company organises public lotteries, betting and competitions. www.loterie-nationale.be
TARA INDIA FUND IV TRUST 20,65% The Tara Fund IV is an Indian investment fund focusing on investment with a societal impact, dedicated to investments in innovative start-ups.  
QBIC II FUND ARKIV 20,37% Investment Fund specializing in investing in spin-offs of research institutes associated with Gent Universiteit, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Universiteit of Antwerpen. It will also seek cooperation with the Belgian hospitals. www.qbic.be
FUND + 20,18% Fund+ is a limited company whose social purpose is to act as company investment and financing of companies active in the sector of life sciences, especially in technology, development and applications in this field.  
EPIMÈDE 20,00 % The Epimède Company is a fund established as a “PRICAF” which invests in venture capital in small and medium sized technology companies, mainly in the Walloon Region, allowing them to grow. www.epimede.com
QBIC FEEDER FUND 18,37%   www.qbic.be
SEEDER FUND 18,29 % Seeder Fund has an innovative approach to better meet the need among Belgian start-ups for early-stage venture capital. This approach allows start-ups to save a lot of time in the first three years of their existence by being able to concentrate on their growth instead of on their short and medium-term financing. www.seederfund.be
MAISON DE LA RADIO FLAGEY / FLAGEY OMROEPGEBOUW 18,02 % The company manages spaces intended for cultural activities and houses five studios that vary in size and function. www.flagey.be
NUCLEIS 17,20% Nucleis specialises in the production in a GMP environment of radiopharmaceutical medicines for human use (including nuclear and non-nuclear medical imaging). It is the result of a spin-off process of the Cyclotron Research Centre of the University of Liege. www.nucleis.eu
CISSOID 16,86% Cissoid is a company that is active in de field of design and sale of semiconductors and integrated circuits that resists to extreme temperatures. It designs, develops and commercializes these products. The company gives also advise in this line of products and solutions. www.cissoid.com
MASTHERCELL 16,67% Is a platform for the production of kits of cell therapies in GMP conditions, accessible to cell therapy companies, which have no in-side production capacity. www.masthercell.com
SINNOLABS HONG KONG LIMITED 16,67% Platform launched in 2016 by Belgian entrepreneurs who have been active in Shangai for many years. Their goal is to help the innovative Belgian SMEs understand the Chinese market and support them in their development in China. www.sinnolabs.com
INVENTURES II 15,81% Inventures II is a “Venture Capital Fund” with Belgian impact, managed by Inventures Investment Partners NV. This fund invests in start-ups and scale-ups in Belgium (and neighboring countries) that fulfill at least 17 sustainable Development goals as mentioned by the United Nations. The fund focuses mainly on education, health, “smart cities”, renewable energy and sustainable food production. www.inventures.fund
KEBONY 15,20% Kebony is originally a Norwegian enhanced wood production company. Its spearhead product is a full-fledged alternative to tropical hardwood produced from fast-growing softwood sourced from sustainably managed forest. www.kebony.com
CAPRICORN ICT ARKIV 15,06% Investment fund that focuses on young innovative companies active in health care, especially in ICT applications. www.capricorn.be
PERFORMA CLEANTECH INVESTMENT FUND (Brazil) 14,72% An international investment fund, created in collaboration with the Brazilian development bank BNDES. The fund is active in the sectors of energy efficiency and the treatment and management of wastewater and solid waste, and focusses on innovative and sustainable technologies in Brazil.  
FIDENTIA BELUX INVESTMENTS (Fidentia II) 14,32% Investment fund in office buildings with a green certificate. These buildings are located in the Benelux, France and Germany. www.fidentia.be
VESALIUS BIOCAPITAL III 13,94% Vesalius Biocapital III was established as a European venture capital fund in the life sciences field. The fund has set itself the goal of building up a balanced portfolio consisting of between 10 and 12 companies that develop new medicines, diagnostics, medical devices and applications for digital healthcare. www.vesaliusbiocapital.com
NCARDIA BELGIUM 13,27% Ncardia has developed a process for producing induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC) and produces cardiac muscle cells or cardiac myocytes. Induced pluripotecy is the 'reprogramming' of a differentiated cell in a stem cell by reactivating the expression of the genes associated with the embryonic stage.


PROFINPAR 13,26% Profinpar Fund is a fund of businesses pursuing a partner relationship with family-owned SMEs and their shareholders. What makes Profinpar special is that it links an offer of venture capital to the know-how of its numerous investors. Profinpar Fund wants to act as an active partner and growth catalyst by supporting the transfer or the optimisation of companies. www.profinpar.com
ISTAR MEDICAL 12,53% Company that develops eye implants, which is the result from the exploitation of the STAR biomaterial, developed by the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. www.istarmed.com
AIR BELGIUM 12,50% Air Belgium is a Belgian airline company that received its certificate and flying licence in 2018. Air Belgium made its first flight in 2018 on behalf of a third company. www.airbelgium.com
INNOVATION FUND 11,96% Innovation Fund is a limited company whose area of activity is to act as investment fund focussed on innovative ‘early stage’ and ‘venture’ companies in the field of the chemical industry through financing, consulting and assistance in policy and management. www.innovationfund.eu
CAPRICORN HEALTH TECH FUND 11,89% Biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of new drugs for respiratory and food allergies. www.capricorn.be
VIVES II 11,68% Vives II is a multi-sectorial UCL associated investment fund for investment in new high-tech companies which, in particular, produce innovative work in the field of ecology. www.vivesfund.com
CAPRICORN SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY FUND 11,56% Fund that invests in companies that have developed groundbreaking technology that will be the foundation for new generation, sustainable chemical activity. As well as in innovative chemical transformation processes, focused on efficiency and durability. www.capricorn.be
SYNERGIA MEDICAL 11,05% Synergie Medical is a company that focuses on the development and commercialization of active implantable devices. She is working on the development of a neurostimulator for epilepsy that uses optical fibers instead of electrical wires. The intention is to be compatible with magnetic resonance imaging. www.synergia-medical.com
BIOXODES 10,60% Bioxodes is a company that, starting from studies at the Brussel’s University on the tick saliva, developped a molecule with anticoagulant properties without risk on bleeding. www.bioxodes.com
FORTINO CAPITAL I ARKIV 10,82% Investment fund that invests in technology companies with strong growth potential and in companies undergoing digital transformation, especially in the Benelux. www.fortino.be
GINKGO FUND II 10,57% Fund active in the acquisition, rehabilitation and development of contaminated or demarcated areas in urban areas in France or Belgium with a view to their return to the real estate market. www.ginkgofund.com
NXTPORT 10,35% NxtPort manages a data platform used to collect, group and then centralise data of the different links in the logistical supply chain related to activities in the Port of Antwerp. The platform is designed to improve the sharing of data, thus enhancing the transparency and efficiency of this process. www.nxtport.eu
PHARMAPHLUIDICS 10,16% This is a spin-off from the Free University of Brussels and is developing a new generation of separation columns for screening molecules in fluids with a complex chemical composition. By commercialising its spearhead technology, the μPAC microchip, PharmaPhluidics wants to make a breakthrough in the world of complex separations and analyses of biological samples such as biopsies. www.pharmafluidics.com
RX/SEAPORT 9,80% RX/SeaPort was established to prepare the port of the administrative changes due to the Brexit. The result is that the physical movement of goods is not interrupted by the modified administration and that the competitive position of the port Zeebrugge is strengthened. www.rxseaport.eu
ENDO TOOLS THERAPEUTICS 9,12% Endo Tools Therapeutics (ETT) focuses on the fight against obesity by providing a procedure performable by a gastroenterologist so as to reduce the stomach by suturing its inner wall (no operation). www.endotools.be
IMEC.XPAND 8,56% IMEC.Xpand is a new investment fund focusing on young innovative companies. It combines all the advantages of traditional venture capital, corporate venture capital and technology transfers. The fund concentrates on businesses that want to be part of the next wave of innovation driven by nano-electronics in smart applications for a sustainable society. www.imecxpand.com
CHINA BELGIUM DIRECT EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND (CBDEIF) 8,50% The investment fund invests in Chinese and Belgian companies which are established in China, or which want to set up in China. www.hffund.com.cn
CAPITAL-E II 8,04% Capital E-II is a limited company acting as a venture capital fund with primary focus on micro/nano-electronics and advanced materials for new technologies. www.capital-e.com
SABENA AEROSPACE ENGINEERING 7,58% Sabena Aerospace Engineering is a company active in airplanes repair and maintenance for airlines companies as well as for government operators / defense. www.sabena-aerospace.com
SONACA 7,39% This international group mainly develops, manufactures, assembles and tests aviation and space systems. www.sonaca.com
COMET TRAITEMENTS 7,26% Processing and recycling shredder waste and other industrial waste. www.cometsambre.be
COMET SAMBRE 7,03% The company is active in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals for the preparation and sale of secondary raw materials designed for the steel and metal industries. www.cometsambre.be
ASIT BIOTECH 6,99% Biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of new drugs for respiratory and food allergies. www.biotechtools.fr
NANOCYL 6,97% The company has as its aim the design, development, production and marketing of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes formulated products. www.nanocyl.com
VESALIUS BIOCAPITAL I 6,80% Venture capital fund that invests in life science companies creating innovative cutting-edge technologies. www.vesaliusbiocapital.com
V-BIO VENTURES FUND I ARKIV 6,58% Investment fund focussing on finding, creating and financing young and innovative companies with ambitions in life sciences. www.v-bio.ventures
MIRACOR MEDICAL 6,15% Miracor is active in the medical devices sector. In particular it has developed a technique now being used to treat heart infarcts to ensure that fewer heart cells die in the heart’s left-hand chamber. This prevents repeat heart failures which typically occur among 25% of all treated patients.


XYLOWATT 5,99% The company develops and manages small and medium-sized production systems for heat and electricity on the basis of bio-mass. www.xylowatt.com
BONE THERAPEUTICS 5,84% The company is active in bone cell therapy. www.bonetherapeutics.com
EPIGAN 5,77% Epigan is an IMEC spin-off that specialises in semiconductors. Epigan is one of the pioneers in technological solutions of gallium nitrate (GaN) of the latest generation (low-loss power switching, next-generation 5G radio-frequency/mobile communication and sensor applications).


AVANTIUM 4,47% Dutch company dedicated to the development and commercialization of renewable chemical solutions through the development of processes and sustainable products based on biomaterials. www.avantium.com
EURONEXT 4,50% Platform for the centralization of capital markets for Belgian companies. www.euronext.com


3,55% Chapelle Musicale/Muziekkapel is a limited company with a social objective active in 4 sectors : real estate, hotel business, catering at concerts, provision of concert and receptions areas for others. musicchapel.org
MINORYX THERAPEUTICS 3,35% Minoryx Therapeutics is a Spanish biotech company that focuses its research on the development of treatments against orphan diseases affecting the central nervous system. The company developed a molecule that has been shown to be safe and effective in humans in the context of a genetic neurodegenerative disorder. www.minoryx.com
BELGIAN ANCHORAGE 2,92% CVBA holds and manages, on behalf of the founders and small Belgian investors, IBA’s shares to ensure its Belgian anchorage.  
BEFIMMO 2,65% Befimmo is a real estate investment trust, mainly in the office market, focussing on the Brussels area. One of its largest customers is the Belgian government, which has generally concluded long-term lease contracts with the company.


FLUXYS 2,13% The company is the network operator for transport and storage of gas in Belgium and abroad. Its business concerns transportation, storage and freight, including a LNG on-site facility shipping out of Zeebrugge. www.fluxys.com
EUROCLEAR 2,04% Euroclear is a global player in the financial post-trade industry (clearing and settlement) based in Brussels. It’s a critical ICT infrastructure within the financial sector. The SFPI is the first shareholder who is not a customer of Euroclear. www.euroclear.com
BIODISCOVERY 5 2,03% Biodiscovery 5 is the fifth generation of the Biodiscovery fund, which invests in developing therapeutic products and medical/diagnostic devices. The fund is made up of experts in the biosciences sector, with the aim of offering a financial product that provides simple but well thought-out access to the sector. Biodiscovery estimates the risks, time and resources necessary to develop innovative projects up to the crucial phases of value creation. www.palico.com
SAFRAN AERO BOOSTERS 1,78% The company mainly develops, manufactures and assembles products for aeronautical and space systems. www.safran-aero-boosters.com
ITEOS THERAPEUTICS 1,60% iTeos Therapeutics is a common spin-off of het Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (L.I.C.R.) and the Duve Institute of the Université Catholique de Louvain (U.C.L.). The goal is to combine their expertise in immunotherapy and tumor immunology for the development of innovative anti-cancer treatments. www.iteostherapeutics.com
POORT VAN DENDERMONDE 0,81% A company formed to build and operate a prison in the region of Dendermonde.  
BIOCARTIS 0,32% Specialized group in the development of molecular diagnostic systems. www.biocartis.com
BNP PARIBAS 0,29%   www.bnpparibas.com
ION BEAM APPLICATIONS (IBA) 0,19% A world leader in diagnosis of cancer cases (dosimetry) as well as the development of innovative tools to treat them via proton therapy. www.iba-worldwide.com
SWDE 0,01% Wallonian water company, which supplies 70% of the population and businesses in this region. www.swde.be
(winding up)
0,01% This company’s goal is any form of intervention on behalf of organisations or companies that are part of the social economy, specifically by taking shareholdings and/or providing loans. www.kf-fesd.be
UNIFIED POST 0,00% The Fintech company Unified Post Group, located in La Hulpe, was founded in 2001 and focuses on optimizing the electronic processing of flow invoices and other professional documents. The company distinguishes itself by acting as a one stop shop for its customers (unique platform) and by providing pre-configurated solutions for each sector. www.unifiedpost.com
SEQUANA MEDICAL 0,00% Sequana Medical has developed an innovative implantable pump, patented and approved in the EU for treatment of fluid accumulations in the abdominal cavity. The pump can be implanted in patients with severe liver disease and/ or cancer to regulate the moisture balance in the human body, which makes the patient’s quality of life better. www.sequanamedical.com
ASCO INDUSTRIES 0,00% Company specialised in design and manufacture of mechanical assemblies and major functional components for the aerospace industry. www.asco.be
BRUSSELS AIRLINES 0,00% The belgian airlines company. www.brusselsairlines.com
SN AIRHOLDING 0,00% Parent company of Brussels Airlines. www.brusselsairlines.com